Linen’s natural benefits

Linen’s natural benefits are plentiful. Among which are its breathability and thermoregulating properties, wicking moisture away from the skin and regulating body temperature to give you a cool night’s sleep. Ideal for all seasons, in the winter it feels cosy and warm and the summer fresh and cool. 

Linen is an incredibly sustainable fabric, grown organically and is gentle on the planet when manufactured. The plant does not require pesticides and can be processed without the use of chemicals. Extensive irrigation is not needed with rain water often being enough. The whole of the flax plant can be used, leaving little or no waste. 

Our linen is sourced in France where the rich soils and mild, humid climate make the ideal environment for flax to grow full and tall. This lush growth is essential to the long strong fibres that give linen its durability. Longevity, 30% stronger than cotton, you will cherish its heirloom qualities for years. Flax fibres are partly hollow, hence linen is a wonderfully absorbent fabric and quick drying too. 

Fully embrace linen’s relaxed, effortless style and do away with inessential ironing. Unlike cotton, linen has a rich depth to its character, a ‘lived-in’ plush tactile quality and beautiful drape, offering visual appeal to all interior schemes. You will find your linen, as with all best things in life, ages beautifully over time, becoming more soft with each wash and developing a wonderful lustre.

Naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, breathable, durable, moisture wicking, sustainable, moth-resistant, timeless effortless style, what is not to adore?

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